Buying Your Home

Buying Your Home

This is when your dream takes shape and you begin the homebuyer journey with PLC Communities. Your Community Sales Associate will lay out all the details and make sure you understand each step. Then you sign the paperwork, receive an escrow guide, and celebrate your first move towards home.

Meet Your Community Sales Associate  |  Submit Loan App  |  Sign Agreement  |  Review Escrow Guide


Purchasing with PLC Communities starts by getting pre-approved with one of our preferred lenders. Simply complete the application online or in-person, then deliver your preliminary acceptance letter to the Sales Office and Escrow Manager within two weeks. 

Use Our Preferred Lenders  |  Locate Tax Returns
Submit Required Data  |  Deliver Acceptance

Opening Escrow

As you move through the homebuying process, a third-party escrow account keeps purchase-related documents and funds safe until closing. It offers security to everyone involved in the transaction. 

Deposit Earnest Money  |  Funds Safeguarded
Close On House  |  Funds Disbursed

Design Center & Personalization

Design Center & Personalization

Add a personal touch to your new home through our signature Design Center. Distinguish your floorplan with customized features or upgrade flooring, cabinetry, appliances and more to fulfill your ultimate vision of home.

Meet with Experts  |  Review Options  |  Select Upgrades  |  Enjoy Custom Distinction

Loan Approval & Closing Escrow

When your loan is 100% approved, you’ll be notified, along with the Community Sales Associate and Escrow Manager. From there, you’ll review all of the documents, deposit necessary funds, and sign the appropriate paperwork. This is one of the last steps before closing on your new home.

Unconditional Loan Approval  |  Review Documents  |  Deposit Funds  |  Sign Paperwork

Walk-Through & Welcome Home

Your Community Sales Associate accompanies you on a walk-through your future home, where you’ll notice the rich detail and quality craftsmanship that distinguish every PLC Communities residence. Your guided tour ensures you’re aware of every home-related element, including appliances, design features, maintenance, and customizations. Once you’re satisfied, the transaction is in order, and escrow closes—you’ll finally have the keys to your happily ever after.

Tour Your Home  |  Glean the Details  |  Close Escrow  |  Take Ownership

Walkthrough & Welcome Home
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