Olinda Ranch

Olinda Ranch is a 284 acre residential master-planned community located in Brea, CA, on the site of a former Santa Fe Energy Resources oil field.

This master-plan includes 639 homes in 8 residential neighborhoods and 98 acres of dedicated, permanent undeveloped open space. There are 43 acres of community facilities open space including a 10 acre historic oil building site, community linear park, community trails, landscape and wildlife corridors.

PLC was engaged by the project lender following the bankruptcy of the original developer midway through project mass grading and after the sale of 70 percent of the lots to merchant builders. PLC was responsible for coordinating and securing all final plan approvals and permits for and overseeing the final grading, soil and methane remediation and environmental impact mitigation and construction of the community infrastructure, parks and landscaping improvements so that merchant builders could receive certificates of occupancy on schedule.

PLC Communities also constructed 75 award-winning new homes within the Olinda Ranch community.

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